Nokia celebrating 150 commercial 5G deals

Nokia happily announced that the company reached 150 commercial 5G deals which will enable the Finns to speed up the 5G growth. On their 5G dedicated webpage you could find out that Nokia managed to squeeze over 200 5G arrangements and that 62 operators are cherishing Nokia’s live 5G network.

Nokia managed to score deals across the world, but the most deals are coming from Europe and then Asia-Pacific area.

Back in January 2020 Nokia had 63 commercial 5G deals, and in October 2020 that number reached 100.

Nokia is slightly lagging behind Huawei and Ericsson in the fight for 5G market share, but this number is surely significant and will help Nokia boost the effort in perusing more deals since 5G market is not glowing as fast as many expected.

Good job Nokia!