Nokia secured 100 commercial 5G deals so far

Nokia announced that the company gathered 100 commercial 5G deals. This important milestone was reached after Nokia signed 17 new 5G deals in Q3 2020. Besides 100 5G deals with individual customers, Nokia also has over 160 commercial 5G engagements, which also includes paid trials. Just recently, Finns signed a deal with BT in the UK and with Elisa in Finland. 

Nokia is also doing well among the enterprises by launching the private wireless deployment for Deutsche Bahn, Toyota Production Engineering, and Sandvik. Enterprise deals now make up to 12% of all 5G deals. That percentage might grow even more since Nokia secured around 180 private wireless customers, many of whom are expected to migrate to 5G.

While the real profit coming from 5G deals is expected in the following trimesters, this milestone is important for the company since the COVID pandemic wasn’t kind to many businesses, and it seems Nokia prevailed it successfully.

Here is the summary of Nokia’s 5G results :

  • 160 commercial 5G with customers (signed contracts, paid trials)
  • 100 commercial 5G deals (with 17 since Q2)
  • 34 live 5G networks (both 5G public and private operational wireless networks) 
  • 88% of commercial deals with operators, 12% with enterprises