Nokia China director apologized for missing China Mobile deal

On first April, the news broke that China Mobile, world’s biggest operator in terms of users, picked companies for the extension of their 5G network in which Nokia was left out. Even though April 1st is known for bad jokes, this news wasn’t a joke.

The CEO of Nokia China Markus Borchert sent an open letter apologising for the missed opportunity and adding “We hereby solemnly declare that the letter ‘Nokia Bell from Shanghai to China Unicom on March 31’ circulating online recently does not represent our position and attitude.”

As reports, the letter Mr. Borchert mentions was negative towards market competition in China, mentioning “drastic price cuts” and questioning the performance of the Nokia China business and performance of other vendors. The letter was reportedly sent by a Nokia China employee.

What happened in China was basic protection of national interest. China Mobile awarded 88% of the job to Chinese companies and such move is really understandable, especially looking at the global surrounding. It is also questionable would the work even be profitable for Nokia, considering the circulating letter mentioning “drastic price cuts”.