Nokia Mobile to launch a new service as they apply for HMD Enable Pro trademark

The licensee of the Nokia brand for smartphones HMD Global has been investing into building their own services business. It started with HMD Connect, a global roaming service aimed at travels right when the pandemic started, and expended to companies with HMD Connect Pro that offers businesses a way to connect their employees and IoT devices using HMD’s service.

The Finnish startup isn’t stopping there, as we stumbled upon a trademark application at EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) in which HMD Global is trying to protect the name “HMD Enable Pro“. The trademark fits the category of “software as a service” product and, among other things, enterprise mobility management or EMM software. The date of receipt is 18th March 2021, with the application being “under examination”.

A quick search online reveals a login page for the upcoming service at the domain, with the page title being “EMM from HMD Global”. This strongly indicated Enable Pro will be a continuation of the Connect services, probably offering more features to business customers in managing their wireless devices.

While there is nothing wrong in HMD expanding their software services, I would also like to see more action in their core business, manufacturing Nokia phones. 🙂