Jolla shipped new Sailfish OS update called Verla (4.2.0)

The only thing constant in this world is change. Nokia as a smartphone brand might still be here with us, but Nokia phones are not so close to the ones we had 8 years ago. Reasons for that are pretty obvious since Nokia and Nokia Mobile are not investing a lot in the phones as they used to. But, the smartphone industry has changed also, and not so many manufacturers can afford to burn money on R&D.

We might never see a super-advanced and innovative Nokia smartphone, but we can have a nicely built Nokia phone with great hardware components and maybe the possibility to choose the OS (at least after a year). If that ever becomes a reality, I would go for Sailfish OS. Jolla and Nokia have a common history, and there could be nice cooperation done in the future.

Anyways, Jolla just announced that version 4.2.0 of its Sailfish 4 OS is ready and being shipped in the world. Jolla named its latest update Verla, which is a Unesco world heritage site with a factory museum and its surrounding area, including an old groundwood mill founded at the end of the 19th century.

The new software update is bringing a new sharing system, camera updates, and some changes under the hood. I like the new UI design, and it would be nice to test it out on Nokia devices except the Sony Xperia ones.

Is anyone here a sailor, and have you tested the latest update?

Update, got a tweet that there is a Sailor named Techview Podcast who did a video of the update. Check it out.

For more details, check the Jolla blog.