Camera app for #Nokia Android phones present at Google Play store (download APK here)

One of the most important things on new Nokia phones, and any other phone, is the camera. We are aware that physical parts of the camera aren’t so important if you don’t have the right software to manage it, and to capture great shots. HMD created its own camera application which is available on the Google Play store just for the owners of Nokia Android phones. This way HMD will provide all the updates to the camera much faster than with the firmware updates over the air. I love this approach because you can apply improvements much quicker, but for changes on a deeper level firmware updates are necessary.

Another good thing is that if you do not own a Nokia phone you can still install the .apk file on your android phone and use the (Nokia) Camera app on it. Current version of the app is 7.0230.12 and you can download the apk file here. I noticed some hiccups on LG G3 while shooting with the 16:9 resolution, it leaves the taken photo on the screen, but the glitch isn’t there if you use 4:3 resolution. This is expected since LG G3 is not a Nokia phone ?.

You can check the Camera app in Google Play store by clicking here. Just a little note, you cannot manually download the app on your Nokia device, because it is like a system app that will just be updated through the store.