Sailfish OS update (2.2.0.) available for Jolla and Xperia X devices

Stipe and I have been busy lately, so sorry for a low post output for the past few days. But, we weren’t the only one occupied with our jobs or studies. Jolla, the Finnish startup that continued the development of MeeGo OS, has just released a new update for its Jolla and Xperia X devices. The latest version of Sailfish OS is 2.2.0, and updates are still named after Finnish lakes. This one is called Mouhijoki and is already available for you to get it.

The biggest change is the possibility to unlock Xperia X phone with your fingerprint, and there is new emoji keyboard and much more. Also, now is much easier to browse through pictures from the gallery and camera app. There are many other things Jolla brought with this 400MB large update, and you can check them on official Jolla blog.

I am really glad to see Jolly pushing hard its Sailfish OS and I’m cheering for Sailfish OS running Nokia device to be launched later this or next year. It would be fun to reunite parts of Nokia D&S division once again?!

Anyway, are there any Jolla or Sailfish OS users?