Nokia to launch new earphones in India, reveal BIS and Bluetooth certification

Representational Image: Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A)

A new product under the Nokia brand with the model number T3110 (and its nine sub-variants) was certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in India on February 3. The product category states “Power Banks for use in Portable Applications”, which does not give a clear idea about what the product could be.

At first, you might assume it to be a power bank meant for charging mobile phones or similar products, but that is not the case. The Bluetooth certification dated January 8 reveals that it is a new pair of Bluetooth 5.1 powered true wireless earbuds by Nokia that are manufactured by DongGuan Koppo Electronics in China.

The other two earbuds models listed in the same Bluetooth certification, namely, TWS-860 and ANC-860, which are actually the same, were certified back in 2020 and are sold by DongGuan Koppo Electronics under its own brand called Coumi. It is available on various websites under the moniker Coumi ANC-860.

Now, here is something interesting. These earbuds by DongGuan Koppo Electronics are mentioned as the referenced qualified design on the Bluetooth certification page of the Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A). It means that the Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A), which were launched by RichGo Technology in October 2020, is a white-label (rebranded) product.

Coming back to the new Nokia T3110 earphones, it might also look similar, considering the proximity in the design and specifications of Coumi ANC-860 and Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A), with the difference just being the logos. The new Nokia earphones will possibly support ANC (Active noise cancellation) and might share the other specifications with the Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802).

The Coumi ANC-860 sells for around $50 (€41, ₹3615), while the Nokia counterpart is currently available for ¥439 (€56, ₹4920, $68) in China.

Nokia Pro True Wireless Earphones (P3802A) and Coumi ANC-860

Since RichGo Technology did not apply for the Bluetooth certification, the new earbuds are not coming from their side. It is not Nokia Mobile because they follow a different naming scheme for their audio products. It leaves us either with Flipkart or a new brand licensee of Nokia. With that, we will now have three companies selling Nokia branded audio accessories in different countries.

Flipkart is already selling Nokia smart TVs, a media streamer, a laptop, and ACs in India, so it will not be that big of a task for them. Considering how much Flipkart likes to use the word ‘pure,’ we might end up seeing the Nokia Pure Earbuds soon 😉

Do share in the comments section below if you have any other names for the new earphones with ‘Pure’ in them.

Source: Bluetooth