Nokia 8.1 named Best Premium Smartphone of the Year by the Mobility Editor’s Choice Awards 2018

The new Nokia 8.1 is off to a good start in 2019. HMD’s affordable flagship was named as the Editor’s Choice Best Premium Smartphone of 2018 by Indian tech magazine’s Mobility. That title is even more impressive when you think of the price point of Nokia 8.1, which is 27,000 rupees or 337 euros, while usual premium flagships cost double of that, some even more.


Nokia 8.1 was announced in early December 2018 and is slowly finding its way to different markets around the world. The phone is expected to hit Europe during January for about 400 euros. Based on the spec sheet, Nokia 8.1 comes as a worthy successor to the Nokia 7 Plus and retains a similar price, which is good. The naming is a bit confusing, but the device overall seems very good. Of course, we will know more after we review it.

What do you think about the 8.1? If you own one, feedback about the device would be great to hear in comments down below. 🙂