Nokia 5.4 receives new update fixing video autofocus issues

I recently published my review of the Nokia 5.4. One of my biggest grips has been the finicky and unreliable autofocus when recording video. Thankfully, it seems like Nokia Mobile were aware of the issue and has just started rolling out an update that addresses this issue amongst other things. Here is the list of improvements

  • Autofocus improvement in video
  • Camera improvements
  • Improvement to Ozo audio + new wind noise cancellation option in cinema mode
  • Real time adjustments to settings in cinema mode
  • Stability improvements
Update log
Update log

The update is labelled Android 1.150 and comes with the January 2021 security patch. I have tested the camera to find out if the autofocus issue has been fixed and I’m happy to report that this does seem to be the case. Autofocus now transitions much more smoothly between subjects and seems to lock on better to subjects. There is also a slight improvement to HDR photos where previously the highlights would be overblown, and now images have a better exposure. Anyway you can watch my video review below:

It’s always nice to know that feedback is being addressed and that certain flaws can be fixed with software a lot of the time. Now we wait for the arrival of Android 11.

Have you received the update yet? If so let us know.


Update Tracker updated accordingly.