Nokiamob has a new Facebook page

This post is not particularly important for the community but stick with me, I’ll try to sum it up. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Facebook, and I do prefer Twitter and that is the reason why I haven’t been trying to restore Nokiamob’s Facebook page for the past few months.

Everything started in April 2012 when I opened a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for newly formed blog that should concentrate all the Nokia and ex-Nokia related news and reviews. Facebook page was 10 years old, and we never had any trouble with it, well except once when media buying agency hired by Nokia reported the page for using Nokia in its name. After contacting Nokia, the page was restored because the good guys Finns don’t mind us writing about the company related news.

Nokiamob Fb page once again went offline in July and I thought that the same agency or a new one did the same, but Nokia told me they weren’t responsible. Then I noticed that the page has been removed for going against Meta’s Community Standards. These standards apply globally and are community based, which basically means that someone reported the page.

While it’s a great thing that a community can report someone for breaking their internal peace, I do not understand the tools behind the process that controls the reports and whether they are based on good reasons. The Nokiamob Fb page automatically posts everything we post on the site. The site itself is not there to insult but to connect people and break the boundaries.  The crew is not actively commenting there but some people still use Fb to read news, so if there is a possibility to be there for them, why not share the posts, right?

Anyway, a new Fb page was opened under the same name and lasted for about 5 minutes before being blocked again. I tried to find out why the page was removed but I could not, which is very annoying, so I created a page without Nokiamob in the name. The site is back online and hopefully working normally, but the community is missing. Give it a like if you use Fb to make it shine again. If not, follow us here or on Twitter.

I wonder if this one will be reported soon, hehe.