Nokia Pro Wireless Earphones passed FCC test and got disassembled

In case you ever wondered how big are the electronics inside the Nokia True Wireless Earphones that makes the magic of bringing good quality sound to your ears, well now you can find that out. Nokia True Wireless Earphones or BH-701 just passed the FCC certification and got dismantled in the lab to show us all the details.

The earphones itself weren’t disassembled, but the motherboard was shown, and it is tiny. The other tiny part shown is the 160 mAh battery which will be sufficient for 10 h of play time. The motherboard is situated in the right housing part, while the battery is placed in the left part of the body that goes around your neck. I am not that into this kind of earphones, but it would be cool to test them up. Did anyone get them?


FCC BH-701