Unboxing of Nokia C20 (by LKCN)

Mr. Nokia unboxed for the world the Nokia X20, Nokia Mobile’s latest midrange phone, but LKCN had a chance of unboxing a Nokia device that has a much cooler-looking box. Nokia C20 is coming in a box that we used to see some old Nokia being shipped to its future owners.

Nokia C20 is the affordable entry Nokia smartphone that runs the GO version of Android 11 and, unlike Nokia C10, has support for LTE networking standards. The box has a shape of a rectangular cuboid, which immediately brings the memories of the Nokia N9 or the first Nokia Lumia phones back. The box itself lacks a small part for pulling the drawer with the phone out, which would ease the unboxing process. I like the idea of promoting accessories right on the box, and this is something Nokia Mobile should do more often.

If you decide to pick up Nokia C2, which is available in Vietnam where LKCN is from, for 2.290.000 VND (around 99 USD or 83 €), you’ll be getting a phone, a removable battery inside together with a silicone protective cover, micro USB charging cable, a 5 W wall charger, some quick user information, and a device.

Do check the unboxing video since LKCN also demos the phone later on.