Nokia RM-1025 prototype with new Asha platform surfaced on eBay

Microsoft Mobile did a good job of making the smartphones super affordable and functional which was well appreciated in the developing markets. The entry (Nokia) Lumia phones were working rather well, and the owners would have almost the same experience as the users of much expensive Lumia phones. Anyways, there were still folks that couldn’t afford smartphones and Nokia created the Asha series that was a bridge between the feature phones and smartphones. Asha phones were rather popular but the Asha software platform was a bit different from the classic UI all the WP Lumia phones had.

Nokia Asha 308A

Microsoft was working on a new version of Asha software that would be based on a more recognizable Windows Phone UI. The main goal of that UI transformation process was to offer the Asha owners a logical choice when transitioning to smartphones. Microsoft Mobile planned to launch a revamped Asha platform with a new Asha 308A phone, but all the plans were cancelled since Microsoft moved its focus from phones to the development of the cloud software services.

Nokia Asha 308A prototype first showed up in 2016, and the phone looked great. That wasn’t the only model Microsoft Mobile was developing since now a new Nokia Asha phone RM-1025 just popped up on the internet. Actually, you can buy the phone on eBay for 110 USD, and it looks rather well, except the screen which might be scratched a bit too much or that is just the protective plastic cover. This phone was most likely in the final stage of development, almost ready to be announced since it even got certified by FCC and even its User manual was released.

I like its pillowy design, and the same was used in the first feature phone Nokia Mobile released at the end of 2016. Actually, Nokia 216 was planned to be announced by Microsoft Mobile, so Nokia Mobile just inherited the fully finished model.

Do check the demo of the Asha software in the post we did back in 2016.