#Nokia #Asha 308A posing with Nokia Asha Software Platform


New photos of the Asha software for T9 Nokia devices have just come up from China. The software was probably intended for the S40 devices since the model in the photos is the beautiful Nokia Asha 308A. Full name of the platform is Nokia Asha Software Platform and it brought to this: a bit smarter feature phones, and a UI that looks pretty much like the Windows Phone Metro UI. This is not strange since Microsoft was working on Asha OS, but unfortunately gave up on it. Asha platform was probably ready for release, since the device looks like it was in the last stage of development.

The device itself is beautifully designed, with full aluminium body and elegant lines. I mostly like the front side which looks like it is made of glossy plastic that gives the device the shape of modern touch screen smartphones. Asha 308 A had some nice features also, like Glance screen, ability to play some graphically demanding games which could be downloaded from the Microsoft store. Device also had 7 or 8 GB of internal memory, FM radio, WiFi, what would make it a great purchase.

Check the Nokia Asha Software Platform photos:

Most interesting photo is the one with the drops of water on the front of the device what could suggest it was water and dust proof. It’s a shame that Microsoft cancelled Asha 308A since it is really a beautiful device with pretty much nice software. Well, maybe HMD Global will continue where Microsoft has stopped. Who knows?