Polar Night and something bold could be color options of the rumored Nokia 9.3

Nokia 8.3 5G Polar Night color

Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer of Nokia Mobile, said in a tweet that he wants a “Polar Night”, and something new and bold like “Copper” for their upcoming flagship. The tweet is a reply to a trusted Nokia leakster, Nokia Anew, after he tweeted that the Nokia Mobile team is currently deciding which colors to go for on their upcoming flagship smartphone.

According to Nokia Anew, Nokia Mobile’s CPO wants a blue or black color option, while the developers (probably he means designers) want a bolder colorway – something like green or white. The majority of the votes cast by fans are rooting for the traditional blue or black, over the more modern green or white color. But the Twitter poll also got an unexpected reply from Juho Sarvikas himself.

In a tweet, Mr. Sarvikas said that while he doesn’t know what’s going on (as executives don’t usually comment on rumored phones like the Nokia 9.3 currently is), he is more into like Polar Night, or copper colorway. Polar Night can mean a lot of things though. It can either mean dark blue with black tones or purplish with slight black and red tones. It could also mean something like blue-green, with darker tones (as we’ve seen on Nokia 8.3 5G). But it would be a bummer if the upper-midrange and more expensive flagship look exactly the same.

I’m still for metallic red though, just the like iPhone SE (2020). How about you? What are your favorite colors for a smartphone?