Rumors: Two Nokia 8.2 versions in development. One coming by the end of the year

Recently we covered two, somewhat, conflicting rumors about the Nokia 8.2 that were floating around. Both rumors had shared some info about the device, but maybe the most important piece of information, the launch date, was different.

According to first rumor that was tipped to us, Nokia 8.2 is planned to arrive by the end of the year with a “unique” front camera solution (probably pop-up) and Snapdragon 7xx series SoC. The second rumor stated that Nokia Mobile has a Nokia 8.2 prototype with 5G support in development, and that the device should feature a 64MP rear camera and be announced at MWC2020.


Now, Nokia_Anew shared his insights via Twitter. According to his sources, there are two Nokia 8.2 version in the works. One with 5G support and another without. The 5G version is scheduled for MWC2020, while the regular version should be announced by the end of the year.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that the 5G Nokia 8.2 will have exactly the same specs as the “non-5G” variant. It might also be called differently to avoid confusion. MWC2020 is still quite far away, but we might soon find out if we will indeed see a higher end Nokia phone by the end of the year.