Nokia Mobile announced Nokia 150 and Nokia 125 in China

Today, Nokia Mobile announced the new Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 in China. Both of the phones are on pre-sale until June 8 (9:30 PM, China Standard Time). Nokia 125 costs ¥189 (€24, ₹ 2020, US$27) and is available in Black and White colors, while Nokia 150 costs ¥229 (€29, ₹ 2440, US$32) and is available in Black, Cyan and Red colors.

Nokia 150 has an edge over Nokia 125, as Nokia 150 features a VGA camera at the back, has a microSD card slot (up to 32 GB), comes with the support of Bluetooth 3.0, and features an MP3 player. Nokia 125 misses out on the above-mentioned features. However, the other features are the same on both of the phones.

They have the same dimensions that are 132 × 50.5 × 15 mm. Also, they run on the Series 30+ platform, backed by an MTK processor with 4 MB of RAM and 4 MB of internal memory as well. The 1020mAh battery, which charges via micro USB 2.0 port, has enough power to support the devices for 23.4 days on standby mode and for talk time of 19.4 hours.

The devices also feature a 2.4” QVGA screen, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a wireless FM radio receiver. They support only 2G connectivity and come with slots for two mini-SIM cards. To keep you away from boredom, the devices come pre-loaded with the classic Snake Xenzia and some other games.

The devices will ship onward June 8. However, if you choose to pre-order them before June 8, you will get a discount of ¥9, so Nokia 125 would cost ¥180 and Nokia 150 would cost ¥220. Today onwards, both of them are available on the new Nokia Mobile store, JD, and on TMall as well.

Check the deals below:

Nokia 150: Nokia Mobile Store, JD, TMall

Nokia 125: Nokia Mobile Store, JD, TMall