Nokia 1.4 coming to Finland on January 25, 2021

Nokia TA-1322 first showed up when the device got certified in Russia back in September 2020. The story about this affordable Android One phone heated up when FCC certification revealed the design of its back that resembles the newly announced Nokia 5.4 and Nokia 3.4.

New info leaked just recently, revealed that Nokia TA-1322 could very well be the new Nokia 1.4, which Nokia Mobile aims to sell for 100 €. The same source revealed that the phone will be coming with 1GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, and in two colors, blue and gray.

The TA-1322 phone now popped up on a web page of Multitronic, a Finnish retailer, which will be selling it in Gray and Blue for 102.90 €. The retailer also confirmed it is a Nokia 1.4, precisely a Dual SIM version of the device, and that it will be available sometime between January 23 and 25, 2021.

This means that Nokia Mobile is planning on announcing new devices quite soon, and we can keep our fingers crossed that Nokia 1.4 isn’t the only one that Finns are planning to reveal.

Source Multitronic

Thanks Matti for the tip and link!