Demanding gaming is possible on Nokia 5.3

Nokia 5.3 is coming with Snapdragon 665, which is a processor similar to SD660 but should perform better in gaming. YouTube channel MaximumMobile demoed gaming on Nokia 5.3 in its latest video. The demo was done on rather challenging games for GPU’s like PUBG:Mobile, CallOfDuty, and NFS. While Nokia 5.3 isn’t the fastest loader of the games in the market, it does behave well which will be interesting for the occasional gamers searching for a budget phone. I don’t know if that was mentioned in the video, but it would be interesting to know if the phone is worming up too quickly or not. It looks to me that SD665, 6GB of RAM and 4000 mAh battery might be a good hardware combination for occasional gamers.

The 3-minute video is in Russian, but that won’t stop you from seeing how the phone performs.

I am not a gamer myself, well Subway Surfer is my upper limit, but if there are any gamers here, how does it look to you?

Cheers Branko for the tip 😉