Three new Nokia smartphones coming soon, one with a 5050 mAh battery

Representational Image: Nokia 5.4

2020 is coming to an end, and Nokia Mobile is done with the product launches for this year as well. In the smartphones segment, they started this year with the launch of Nokia C2, followed by Nokia 1.3, Nokia 5.3, and Nokia 8.3 5G in March. Then, we had the Nokia C3 that arrived in August, and Nokia 2.4 and Nokia 3.4 in September. They concluded it with the launch of the Nokia C1 Plus and Nokia 5.4 this month.

So, that accounts for three devices from the C series, two from the 5-series, and one from the 1, 2, 3, and 8-series each, if we do not count the carrier/market-specific devices. It hints that we might get to see the new Nokia 6, 7, or 9 next year before anything else. Well, there’s still a lot to guess, but some details about the new devices have already started coming out. About ten days ago, three new Nokia batteries were certified by testing bodies.

According to the new certifications, the future Nokia smartphones might carry the following batteries:

  • WT340 (5050 mAh, DC 3.85 V, 19.44 Wh)
  • CN110 (4470 mAh, 3.87 V, 17.29 Wh)
  • V730 (3900 mAh, 3.85 V, 15.015 Wh)

The first two battery models were certified by TÜV Rheinland Japan and the latter by Element Materials Technology. At least three new Nokia smartphones in total can be expected based on these new batteries. I mentioned ‘at least’ because Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 5.4 share the same battery, so we can expect it to happen in the future as well. Currently, the maximum battery capacity that the Nokia smartphones have is 4500 mAh, that too only in Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 2.4. Hence, a 5000+ mAh battery will be a first for Nokia Mobile and a welcomed upgrade. Hopefully, it will be coupled with fast charging options.

It is a guess from my side, and none of these might prove to be true, but I think Nokia Mobile might include the 5050 mAh battery in the new Nokia 9 and the 4470 mAh battery in the new Nokia 6 or 7. Also, by the time the launch takes place, there will be enough gap since Nokia 1.3 or Nokia 4.2’s launch, so the Nokia 1.4 or the Nokia 4.4 might come with the 3900 mAh battery.

Anyways, what do you think? Is it time for Nokia Mobile to introduce bigger batteries and rapid-charge technology to more devices?

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