Nokia 5.3 now available in Sweden

Nokia 5.3 is slowly but steadily arriving at the markets around the world, but it is also started popping up in the largest markets around Europe. The affordable mid-range Nokia device is available in Sweden as a 3/64GB version for SEK 2390 which is €229, or a bit pricey for the memory configuration. The device is being offered by Elgiganten, which is the reason for the higher price since that is the price without a subscription. Anyway, my Swedish is a bit rusty, but seems like this operator is also offering Nokia 5.3 only in Charcoal color, which is a shame since the device looks great in other color versions.
f you are interested in the offer, do check out more details here.

Also, do tip if you see Nokia 5.3 in stores of your local retailer or operator.


Cheers to johala02 for the tip 😉