#Nokia is again #Finland’s largest company by revenue


Nokia is back on top of the top 10 Finland’s largest companies. From the data gathered in 2015 Nokia had the biggest revenue (12.5 bn€), what resulted in 1.54 Bn€ of profit. During the period of 1999 and 2008 Nokia’s revenue made uo between 3 and 4 % of Finland’s GDP, so the news that came after 2008 hit Finland’s economy big time. However, things are going better for Nokia, and it is good to see this company back on track. Keep in mind that this are the data for 2015, and now the revenue of Nokia is even bigger with acquisitions of Alcatel Lucent and Withings. probably the top position of the list won’t  change for 2017.

It is interesting to notice that the biggest Finland’s largest company is in IT, while many other there are doing business by harvesting the natural resources (forestry, oil and mining), or are doing business in retail.

Via: Nokians.fr

Source: BI