Nokia AC to be announced soon on Flipkart

After the collapse of the Nokia Devices and Services department, licensing the Nokia brand on products saved the omnipresence of Nokia in the phone industry. Then Nokia tried launching some specific tech for professionals like OZO 360 camera and software, which was great. The last mass consumer product Nokia launched was Nokia WiFi Beacons, and then something happened that not so many expected. Nokia named started showing up on products where Nokia was long absent, like TVs and Stream boxes.

Well, it was only logical to add the Nokia logo to Android Stream boxes which kind of goes along with Android TVs, but the question was is that already a bit too much for the brand that was most known for its smartphones and feature phones.

I mean, other brands are doing the same, and you can get Xiaomi rice cookers and air purifiers, but Xiaomi is a company that got famous for its smartphones just a few years ago. So, where should a line be drawn to preserve brand quality? Obviously not on laptops, since Nokia used to make one in 2009, in case you forgot. Is it Air conditioning units a drop that is going to spill the glass? It could be, but Flipkart is doing it and Nokia seems to be fine with it since they are actively promoting the soon announcement of Nokia AC units exclusively for India. Nokia is probably developing cooling systems for its networking hardware, but I can’t remember when was Nokia ever involved in classic AC unit manufacturing.

Anyway, Flipkart is going to be announcing Nokia Air-conditioning units which will enable you to breathe Pure air in your home thanks to 6-in-1 filters, an antimicrobial ionizer built-in, an intelligent motion detection system, and 4-in-1 adjustable tonnage. The starting price for non-WiFi units is 30999 INR, which is around 345€ or 420$.

The initial price for a non WiFi unit is rather good, but the list of options seems to be huge and well worked out. If you check the Flipkart pages, you’ll see that a WiFi unit would be great to have since you could control it over the dedicated app. Also, Nokia AC will have a smart diagnosis, scheduling program, customized user profiles, and will be coming with self-cleaning technology, anti-corrosive blue fin technology, internals made out of copper which has antimicrobial properties, turbo cross fan flow, dual rotary compressor, triple inverter technology, and many more options.

This is an interesting product, and obviously well thought, but somehow I think that the brand dilution process is now more than visible. But this could be a great opportunity for Nokia to make an app that would enable you t control all the products in one place. With your Nokia smartphone, you could check the state of your Home WiFi network that is empowered by Beacons, set up a Nokia TV or TV Box, maybe control music on a Nokia BT speaker, check the battery level on Nokia earphones, and so on.

Do check Flipkart for more info on Nokia AC, and do tell where do you stand with the latest Nokia product?