Jolla and Withings are at CES2023

Jolla and Withings are two companies whose paths were once intertwined with Nokia. Jolla emerged from the MeeGo and Nokia N9 teams, while Withings was once part of Nokia Health. Both companies are now independent and produce well-known and appreciated products.

Jolla used to make smartphones, but to keep itself going, the company has moved entirely into smartphone software development and, more recently, automotive software. Jolla is working hard to demonstrate how Jolla’s Linux OS expertise can be used in the automotive industry and how their AppSupport solution provides access to all Android apps on any Linux platform (e.g., platforms used in cars). I couldn’t find Lolla’s booth at CES, but the Finns will be there, so book a meeting with them at ces(at) if interested.

Withings once made the best Nokia watches, well the only Nokia watches if we exclude Moonraker that never saw the light of a stage. Now Withings is making rather good hybrid watches and other health products. I’ve been using Withings scales (actually a Nokia one) for years now and it works like a charm. I wasn’t so happy with the Nokia Steel hybrid watch, but the latest Scanwatch that has the ability to monitor ECG, Heart Rate the level of blood oxygen is a rather interesting one.

I’ve been using Huawei GT watches for a few years now, and I am super satisfied with GT3, but Withings Scan Watch Horizon could be the only one to take GT3 off my hand. However, The Quantified Scientist wasn’t so happy with the quality of the Withings Scanwatch measurements, so I’ll wait and see what new they have to offer at CES2023.