GSMArena reviews positively the Nokia Power Earbuds (BH-605)

GSMArena published their review of the BH-605 or the Nokia Power Earbuds. These earbuds came as an upgrade to the Nokia True Wireless earbuds that were announced alongside the Nokia 7.1 back in October 2018. New Power Buds, that were announced at IFA2019, are bringing a new design, a bigger 3000 mAh battery in the case, and around 5 hours of constant music playtime. GSMArena did a quite positive review and concluded that even though the buds are big on the heavy side, the sound quality coming from graphene based membranes and battery life are great and worth of your money. They mentioned that the earbuds have an IPX7 waterproof rating which means that sweat and tears can’t hurt them. Also, the powerbuds fit nicely in the ear canal, so they will not fall off during your workout session.

So, if you are interested in the Nokia Power Earbuds, check out the GSMArena review. This review shows that Nokia Mobile can make good accessories, and I would just like to see them become available in stores around the world. The Nokia accessories can significantly improve the visibility of the brand, and that is why we should see products like earbuds, fitness trackers and similar stuff. But, if those are not available in the retail stores, that all the effort goes down the drain.

Nokia Power Buds / GSMArena