Nokia 5.4 and Nokia C1 Plus disassembly and assembly video

I don’t know about you, but I always like to check a disassembly video of a newly announced Nokia, or any other smartphone. I used to play with my old Nokia devices back in the 2000s, change the parts, disassemble them just for fun, and study how the phones were built. I still have the same interest, but the times have changed a lot in the past 20 years, and phones are a bit trickier to open now, but that isn’t the case with Nokia 5.4. TechnoRabin posted a disassembly and assembly video of Nokia 5.4 which shows that this smartphone can be opened with a guitar pick. I don’t know if the glue heating process is missing in the video, but I couldn’t see any glue on the internal parts of 5.4, which means that this might be one of the easiest smartphones to repair. I wonder if the same disassembly procedure can be applied for Nokia 3.4.

After you put some effort into taking the back cover off, there are just nine screws that need to be taken off, and the rest of the phone is easily accessible and replaceable. Even the battery can be removed quite simply, with just a suction cup and a bit of 96% alcohol that probably dissolves the adhesive that keeps the battery tight in place.

Do check the disassembly and assembly video, and do not try this at home.


Unlike Nokia 5.4, you can dismantle Nokia C1 Plus quite easily without the use of special techniques and tools. The back cover is removable as well as the battery and by unscrewing just a few screws, you take the backplate off and have access to the motherboard and all the parts. Nokia C1 Plus is simply built and designed to be assembled quickly, which probably reduces its assembly costs and market price.

Do check the video below if interested in this kind of thing.

Techno Rabin