Nokia 7070 was an ultimate cooler of flip phones

Folding or flip phones are nothing new, but when you can flip and band a 6-inch display, which is something new and worthy of the spotlights. Kudos go to Motorola for bringing back the Razr and Samsung that made a Flip phone instead of a classic foldable phone.

Nokia used to make great flip phones too some 15 years ago when flip phones became popular for the first time. There were phones like 6650 Fold, 7390, N76 or something more affordable like petit 2760 d 2652 which I considered to be super cool back in 2005. While the above phones were cool and neatly designed, a prism series of Nokia phones changed everything and showed that phones and even flip ones can be even cooler.

Nokia 7070 Prism came to life back in 2008 and it brought nothing special except its design. It had a 1.8-inch screen, Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, predictive text, and a light indicator. The battery capacity was slim at 700 mAh but the phone had something that none other had. The looks. It even got the Play button :).

I remember seeing the prism series for the first time and I thought, boy this is something no one could spend money on, but I wanted it… However, I never got it since back then I could not afford two phones, and all my money savings were directed for Nokia 5800 XM which came a few months later. The problem with this cool looking flip phone was that many folks already got the attention of Nokia with Symbian powered smartphones, and the transition from feature to smartphones had started already a few years ago.

Unfortunately, the Nokia 7070 couldn’t offer anything more than a great design, and that is why not so many folks got it. Do any of you have Nokia 7070 in a drawer somewhere? Brag with a picture of it in the comments section.