New Nokia Android 10 GO smartphones certified by WiFi Alliance

Back in September, Nokia Mobile certified five new phones TA-1318, TA-1320, TA-1308, TA-1312, TA-1306 in Korea by Korea Testing Laboratory. The certificate document revealed that these phones will be coming with a 5W charger, which places them in the affordable group of smartphones or even feature phones. Korean certificate also revealed that the phones will be heading to the European markets, where affordable smartphones do have a targeted group of people.

Now, the same phones, and a bit more of them, got certified by the WiFi alliance. There are eight smartphones in total, TA-1306, TA-1308, TA-1309, TA-1312, TA-1314, TA-1318, TA-1320, and TA-1335, and those seem to be the varieties of the same or similar models that will be running a GO version of Android Q, also known as Android 10. All the phones support WiFi b/g/n connectivity and are coming with a 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency, which is standard for the affordable price segment.

So, it seems that Nokia Mobile is continuing on flooding the market of affordable smartphones with a new model, or models, which is logical since it is good to have a phone that can bridge the difference between a feature and smart phones. This puts KaiOS Nokia phones in a difficult position since Android GO phones do offer better software and hardware experience. maybe it is a good time to start pushing the Nokia Original series with the Android GO operating system instead of KaiOS… Anyways, the latest certificate does tell us that we could be seeing some more announcements in 2020.


If you want to check the certificates do check here.