Nokia feature phones TA-1318, TA-1320, TA-1308, TA-1312, TA-1306 coming to EU

Nokia mobile is planning on launching new super affordable 4G feature phones. Some previous leaks revealed that we are most likely to see three of them coming, Nokia 215, Nokia 225, and Nokia Leo, and all of them will be supporting 4G connectivity. Those feature phones should not be available only in developing markets but all around the world. New Nokia models TA-1318, TA-1320, TA-1308, TA-1312, TA-1306 just got certified in Korea, and there is a good chance that those are the above mentioned phones. Nokia TA-1316 that previously passed FCC certification in Canada dose have a mode number close to the ones that just got certified in Korea.

The certificates done by Korea Testing Laboratory revealed that featurephones will be coming with a 5W charger, which is a standard for a feature phone, and that they should be available throughout Europe since all of the EU countries are mentioned in the released form.

Well, it is always good to refresh the offers of feature phones, and the addition of LTE will make them immortal.

Thanks to Venkatesh for the tip and screenshots!