Barry French leaving Nokia with the end of 2020

Pekka Lundmark, the CEO of Nokia, announced today that a long time Nokian, Barry French will be leaving Nokia with the end of 2020. Barry French, a US born, came to Nokia in 2006, when the company was at its peak, and helped with the transition of NSN to Nokia networks. Lately he has been working as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Nokia. His areas of responsibilities were heading marketing, communications, industry analyst and government relations, regulatory affairs, and corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Anyway, Barry French will not only be leaving its current position in Nokia, but will most probably also be stepping down from a Board of HMD Global where Nokia has a seat. It will be interesting who will be taking Barry’s post, someone from Networks department or Nokia Technologies, and will that person change the relationship between Nokia and HMD Global, or everything is predetermined in the contract.

We wish Barry all the best in future business and private quests.