MyNokia is a new official account for Nokia TVs, streamers and accessories

Nokia might not be present directly on a consumer market, but the Finnish telecommunication giant is slowly coming back where it belongs, and where its name got famous. Nokia announced the comeback by licensing its name, but then also started pushing some of its own products like OZO camera, OZO audio software, and WiFi Beacons, which are great routers, by the way.
The latest licensing deal includes audio accessories, exclusive for China, Smart TVs and Android-based streamers, which are exclusive for India. However, both product groups seem to be making their way to Europe and other markets thanks to HMD Global, which will be bringing Nokia audio accessories, and the Austrian company StreamView which will be bringing Nokia TVs and Streamers. To make more people aware of those products, Nokia started official social networking accounts that will be promoting and sharing the news on Nokia Smart TVs, Nokia Media Streamer, Nokia earphones, accessories, and more.

The name of the account does suggest that Nokia is planning on creating an ecosystem of Nokia products, which is something we have been wanting since the collapse of the Devices and Services department of Nokia. MyNokia seems a bit more personal approach than Nokia Mobile, but that is perfectly OK with us. Now we have Nokia smartphones, Beacons, audio accessories, TVs, Streamers, and maybe in the near future a proper Nokia watch.
So, if you are interested in Nokia TVs, streamers, and audio accessories, do check and maybe follow MyNokia on Facebook and Instagram. Hopefully, the Twitter account will be created soon enough.

I’m wondering if Beacons will be promoted here, or Nokia will be handling its own products separately.


Cheers Ibrahim for the tip ;).