Nokia 6 sold out again at flash sales

The Nokia 6 had another terrific flash sale at the Indian Amazon. The whole batch disappeared in a matter of minutes, and the phone is now on the top of the best selling list. This kind of news reminds me when the Chinese version of the Nokia 6 started selling via almost 9 months ago and was sold out in seconds every time it appeared. It is somewhat astonishing to hear that the global version is achieving this kind of results when it came late to the market. Actually, Nokia 6 is still rare in many markets around the world, and different colour variants are still not available to buy. I don’t know what are HMD’s plans for the second generation of the 6, but it seems that those two could overlap if this tempo of bringing the Nokia 6 to the market continues. Now that the Nokia 8 is spreading, maybe Nokia 6 will start coming out of the factories in tempered blue, copper and in arte Black colors.

I must say I’m still interested in the Nokia 6, but maybe HMD could do the revision of the hardware and insert a bit more powerful processor to satisfy the needs of many and beat the competition. Of course, the price should remain as it is now.

For those interested in buying the Nokia 6 in India, but didn’t manage to do it in the 1st and 2nd flash sale, the next flash sale will take place on 6th September and you can register for it here.