Another unknown #Nokia design patent submitted by HMD

HMD Global has built up quite a pile of design patents, most of which were transferred from Microsoft and reffer to the “before Lumia” era of Nokia, and, not to forget, the patents for the graphical user interface of Nokia Camera app. HMD has 521 designs and 2 trademarks by EUIPO, and the last one was made public yesterday.

HMD added a new design patent under the number 004367555-0001. The design was filed on 22th September and the filling has been made public yesterday. Apart from that, nothing else is known.

Apart from this patent, there are 5 additional design patents that are not fully made public and we don’t know what devices they represent. HMD has patented all of its announced smartphones, as well as the Nokia 3310 feature phone. HMD also recently added TARMO as a trademark for use on the mobile market.

You can check HMD’s profile at EUIPO here.