New Nokia TA-1307 LTE feature phone with WiFi coming

Nokia TA-1307 is the latest feature phone from Nokia mobile that just passed the FCC certification process. These model number shows up for the first time, and it is most probably heading to America, but some similar model numbers like TA-1306 or TA-1308 already popped up and should be a variant for the EU and other markets.

Interesting about this feature phone is that it will be supporting LTE and Wi-Fi 2.4G connectivity, so we can finally expect a feature phone with a Wi-Fi hotspot option in the western markets.
The back diagram, which is showing the label location, is also revealing that the phone will be having a camera and an LED flash. A slight digression, can you imagine if this phone would be coming with a transparent back cover but only with the internals as seen on the diagram.

Anyway, the FCC test documents revealed that the phone will be coming with a 1500 mAh battery (BL-4XL). Also, it seems that it will be coming with the iconic WH-108 headphones in the box.
The SAR values are also shown with the highest one of the main antenna achieving 1.37W/kg, which is a kind of standard for feature phones.

This phone could turn out to be the Nokia Leo that leaked in August 2020. Some were hoping to get a hotspot option with Nokia 225 4G but it seems that you need to wait for TA-1307 to get it.


Check what FCC released here.