Press images of 4G Nokia feature phones Nokia 215 (2020), Nokia 225 (2020) and Nokia Leo leak

Nokia Mobile is gearing up to launch new devices. The soonest launch event we will see will be held virtually for the Indian market on 25th August, but by the end of the year we also expect to see some international launches as well. A part of these launches could also be the launch of new 4G feature phones, about which we received more info today.

We might soon see a new variant of the Nokia 215, that might just be called Nokia 215 (2020) or Nokia 215 4G, that will be the most affordable 4G phone in Nokia Mobile’s phone portfolio, but it drops the camera. The Nokia 225, according to photos (name as time in on the screen background), should arrive alongside the new 215 and also support 4G, as well as apps like YouTube and Facebook. The Nokia 225 also passed FCC as TA-1316/TA-1282. The date on the display indicates that these devices were planned to be out on 3rd August, but probably because of the pandemic, the launch date was pushed back.

We are not sure about the name of the third device which images we received, but it has the codename Nokia Leo Basic. Besides the standard 4G support, which I really like about this bunch of classic phones, the Leo should also support Whatsapp, Facebook and Google Assistant (a sidebutton can be seen on the image, that will hopefully be re-mappable). This indicates Leo will use KaiOS or some other smarter OS for feature phones.

The prices and exact launch dates remain unknown, but the trio looks like an interesting group of devices that should strengthen the Nokia Mobile feature phone portfolio.