Camera GO app in Nokia 1.3 gets Google’s Night Mode

Google brings improved photo technology to the Nokia 1.3 with the Camera Go app. The all-new Night Mode feature that is bringing advanced algorithms of Googe’s camera app will allow Nokia 1.3 users in 27 countries to take even higher quality photos in low-light conditions. The technology of Night mode used for 1GB RAM devices is not explained, but Google aims to bring a better camera experience to eligible entry-level smartphones in the following months.

Nokia 1.3 is first to feature a new Night Mode in the Camera Go app that Google announced for this device in March 2020. In the headline photo, you can see that night shots are improved significantly, which will find the approval of the 1.3 users. Nokia 1.3 does have just an 8MP main camera, so the pixelation is seen on the phone, but the details captured and color accuracy is astonishing. Besides some advanced algorithms, new Night Mode will be able to simultaneously capture multiple shots, which will be merged later to create a better night or low light shots. This option will be a nice alternative when the LED flash is not suitable.