Expansys shop also waits for Nokia 10 and Nokia 7.3 5G

The title of this post might be a joke to many, but either this shop knows something about the planned models, or it is just placing unverified leaks on their store to get clicks. The photo of Nokia 9.3 listed there is a concept render made by Concept Creator that popped up over a year ago, and the photo of Nokia 7.3 5G shows Nokia 8.3 5G render from 2020 but in a different colour.

I don’t need to mention that the photo of the Nokia T20 tablet shows the Nokia N1 or the first Nokia device launched after the sale of the D&S department.

Expansys shop in Australia is also waiting for Nokia 9.3 PureView or Nokia 10 and Nokia 7.3 5G. There is also a link for the Nokia T20 tablet there with some latest leaked specs in the description. This kind of suggests that the admin of the Expansys webshop is up to date with the latest news and leaks of Nokia devices.

The recent portfolio of announced Nokia smartphones desperately lacks the flagship and affordable flagship models. Nokia community and aficionados are waiting for those devices, but they are obviously not alone.
Anyways, while the Expansys shop needs to become more serious about the content of their web pages, there is definitely a need for a solid flagship model that would be simple but effective and affordable. The right pricing would make it sell well in the overcrowded smartphone market. There should be a place for something like Nokia 8.3 5G but with a better performing camera, AMOLED screen and thinner bezels.

Ah well, this story about what Nokia Community wants and what Nokia Community is getting will never end. Thanks Danial for the links. I hope someone from Expansys will take care of the webshop page or share with us some insights into what Nokia Mobile was planning to announce :).


Aussies, are you buying over Expansys?