Nokia 6.1 Plus receiving last monthly security patch

Nokia 6.1 Plus was one of the attempts of Nokia Mobile to attract new buyers by giving them the looks of the iPhone X, which brought to life the hideous notch. Well, that notch had its purpose on the iPhone but wasn’t so nice on Android phones since it was mostly mimicking Apple’s popular product and was used for the earpiece and a selfie camera.

Anyways, many people liked that, and Nokia 6.1 Plus was well accepted. The phone aged well, and now it is two years old and receiving its last monthly security patch. The patch for August 2021 is not that big, just 4.07 MB, and hopefully, 6.1 Plus will be getting quarterly updates for one more year, even though that is yet to be seen or verified.

If by any chance you are still using Nokia 6.1 Plus, check if the update is available. It should already be available in India.

Thanks Jay and shunjoss for the tip and screenshot 😉