Modded Nokia Lumia 1020 becomes a true SLR camera

The Nokia 1020 might be an oldie, but it is still a goldie. This phone is definitely a collector’s phone nowadays, but if you are not a collector, you might still be using it for taking great shots, like some old Nokia Connections phonographers (Ana or Anthony, for example) are doing.

 However, you might also start doing some mods to Lumia 1020 in case you are a photography wizard like  Peraho Qeurtes is. He modded his old Lumia 1020 so the phone can take SLR lenses, which gives the user much better controls of lenses and probably a better use of that massive 41 MP sensor Nokia 1020 had.

The mod required for the camera module, to be removed, and Peraho added a mount that can take different SLR lenses. This kind of mode left 1020 without the xenon flash, so he is probably intending to use it during the good daylight.

On the modders Fb profile, you can see a short video that shows how the modded Lumia 1020 looks and how the camera is working with the new lenses. It seems that Peraho did a great job.

Even though I don’t think that this kind of phone would do well on the market today, it would be interesting if some manufacturer would make lenses mount for smartphone cameras. Apple ecosystem has some products designed specifically for the iPhones, but Android is left to mods like this one.

Source: PocketNow


Thanks SirFaceFone for the tip 😉