Nokia didn’t score well at 91mobiles’ Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2019 did a huge survey of smartphone users in India, with over 15,000 customers taking part in the survey. That is a respectable number, but keep in mind that the profile of customers filling these kinds of surveys is most likely leaning to the “internet generation” and more tech-aware folks.

From the users that voiced their opinion, 2.5% of them currently use a Nokia smartphone. Last year, that number was 2.9%. A more troubling fact is that just  46.5% of Nokia users are satisfied with their device, making Nokia only better than Motorola in user satisfaction.

Most surveyed Nokia users think their phone is a good value for money, which is a great thing for Nokia, but it’s still behind the likes of OnePlus, Realme or Asus

Nokia smartphones scored bad in battery reliability with 41.6% of users being satisfied with their phone’s battery life and the situation is the same with camera, with 46.2% Nokia users being satisfied with it. The situation with performance is a bit better, with 54.6% of Nokia users that filled out the survey saying they are satisfied with it, same as with the service quality where 53.7% users gave a positive opinion.

An interesting part of this survey is user retention rate, where 30.7% users of Nokia devices are ready to buy a Nokia smartphones as their next phone, which is a 50% decrease compared to 44.9% users in 2018.

I have to stress out again that this a survey done in India, and every market has its own specifics. Survey has a respectable sample (over 15,000), so I wouldn’t dismiss it as inaccurate. It can be a good indicator which brands are doing well with users, and one of them is OnePlus, which makes sense. OnePlus only sells high end phones and they come out of the box with best technologies the market offers, while Nokia Mobile is offering devices at all price points and lacks a strong premium segment, which brings down the average user satisfaction score. Of course an average flagship user will be more satisfied with their device than an average Nokia 1 users, but that Nokia 1 user has to be satisfied enough to consider a more powerful Nokia phone as their next if Nokia Mobile wants their “brand for all” strategy to work.

Anyways, if you want to see more of the data from the survey, head to