Nokia Mobile lowering price of Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 9 Pureview in the US

Nokia Mobile kept lowering the price of Nokia 7.1 in the US. B&H and Best Buy are offering this device for $250, but the additional $50 rebate can be achieved if you activate the device on a carrier. The reason for lowering the price of Nokia 7.1 is probably the soon announcement of its successor at IFA2019.

While Nokia 7.1 is a beautiful phone with the nice build quality, its hardware specs might have been better. Anyway, it is still a great deal for $250. If you are interested in this device, you can read our review of it. By the way, that was the last review of a Nokia phone we did. Interesting detail.
For more info about the price or deal details, visit B&H and BestBuy pages.

Nokia 9 PureView stock is also being cleared in the US. The price of the phone in B&H is $499 while in BestBuy is $449. Dont forget to check the B&H and BestBuy pages for details. This is a rather big discount if you remember the original price. Who would say that the price of the ultimate Nokia phone would go down for $200 in just a few months since it arrived on the US market.
It seems that Nokia Mobile maybe has a plan to announce an improved Nokia 9 Pureview model. Well, that would be cool to see.

Anyway, our reader said that some Nokia models like s Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 8, and Nokia 8 Sirocco can’t be found in various stores in Finland. He also mentioned that the stock of Nokia 8.1 is not so big there, so Nokia MObile is definitely getting ready for new midrange phones to be delivered to the market of interest. It would be nice if Nokia Mobile could deliver newly announced phones a week after the event. Now when Nokia 6.2 was delayed for over 6 months, that would be possible, right? Well, we’ll know soon since IFA2019 is starting soon.