Nokia 7.2 is discontinued, long live Nokia 7.2 (Nokia Anew)

Nokia 7.2 was a smartphone that took the best of Nokia 7 Plus and stretched it a bit more to make it look and feel even better. That stretching might have been a bit too much since Snapdragon 660 tuned for Nokia 7.2 wasn’t performing well as it did in Nokia 7 Plus. While I like the design, form factor, and its camera capabilities, Nokia 7.2 was a bit slowish, and its screen got some burns on the upper left side, which I couldn’t stand, so I made it a second phone.
I am not the only one that discarded Nokia 7.2. The same might have been done by Nokia Mobile, according to Nokia Anew, one of the best sources for the inside Nokia Mobile things. It seems that Nokia 7.2 has been discontinued, and the main reason is in the soon announcement of Nokia 7.3. The discontinuation seems like a logical step to do, especially if Nokia 7.3 is going to be distributed around the world soon after the announcement.

Not much is known about the 7.3 except one leaked photo from the latest Bond movie set, and some certificates being published. Nokia 7.3 should be coming with 5G ready Qualcomm processor, which means a fresh start of the 7 series, and not just some reused shell as seen with 7.2/6.2.
Nokia 7.3 could be announced in September, as Nokia Anew is suggesting, but the Russians also suggest it could be coming later this autumn with Nokia 9.3. Also, they mentioned that Nokia 9.3 is definitely on schedule to be announced at the end of 2020, but somehow I doubt Nokia Mobile will be halting the announcement of its possible best seller midrange device.
Anyway, we’ll be seeing at least 3 or 4 smartphones in September, most probably 6.3, 3.4, 2.4, and maybe even 7.3. The announcement date could be on September 22 as disclosed previously by some angry Finnish journalist :).


Nokia Anew