New Nokia phones allegedly coming on 22nd September – leaked on Twitter

The recent quantity of leaks of announced Nokia phones, ranging from 4G feature phones to smartphones, suggested that Nokia Mobile is getting ready to soon launch new devices. While initially we thought the semi-virtual IFA2020 in Berlin would be the place where new Nokia phones will appear, it seems that Nokia Mobile opted for a dedicated event later this month.


According to information shared on Twitter, Nokia Mobile will allegedly hold a (virtual) announcement on 22nd September this year. We won’t be 100% sure of the date until the official invitation is posted, but the source seems to be solid.

Regarding device we can expect, I would bet on three new 4G feature phone and maybe 2 or 3 smartphones, like the Nokia 2.4, 3.4 and maybe 7.3? While I appreciate Nokia Mobile’s commitment to lower price points, I would also appreciate some new solid midrange device. The 7.3 might be that?

Anyways, we will probably know more soon.