After Android 12, Nokia G21 gets new update

Nokia G21 (Shot with X30)

After receiving Android 12 by using the VPN trick, a new update popped up on our Nokia G21. It is the October 2022 security patch which is 14.82 MB large and it patches up all the issues noticed by diligent Google workers. This makes G21 up-to-date and ready for the November patch when it starts coming up on Nokia devices.

October security update for Nokia G21

Anyways, I’ve been playing with G21 now when it is running the latest Android OS version. I must say that the device performs much better than Android 11. It is still not the fastest device in the market. The installation took a while and there is a small issue with Google’s app prediction app that keeps stopping without any reason. However, the OS seems to be tuned up pretty well for the UNISOC processor. All the basic tasks are done rather quickly, and the processor doesn’t heat up much when playing games like Brawlstars or similar ones. The adaptive refresh rate for the display works well and the scrolling is smooth as it should be.

All in all, G21 with Android 12 seems like a nice entry smartphone for those that don’t wan’t to spend much money on a smartphone (and if you like that rectangular camera module).


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