Photo: Nokia 2.1 (TA-1084) got dismantled at the FCC offices

Nokia 2.1 with model number TA-1084, has just passed the FCC offices. The certification documents gave us a good look at the internal components of the 2.1. FCC dismantled the device till the last screw and took photos of its tiniest parts. You can always find out some little details like the model name, lenght of the USB cable…

It is interesting to see that the back polycarbonate cover of 2.1 can be easily removed, at least it looks like that. When you remove the back cover, all the components like antennas, battery, and then motherboard can be seen.

The motherboard is rather small and divided in the upper part that contains the processor and all other important electronics, and bottom part with a microphone, USB port, loudspeaker, etc. This detailed photoshoot is a nice way to learn where all the antennas are placed.

Check out the photos extracted from the FCC documents. If you want to see all the parts of 2.1, then head here for the internal parts, and here if you want to see it from outside.

When some Nokia device passes FCC certification process, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be heading for the US. Published documents revealed that the user manual is in French what could imply that TA-1084 is maybe heading for Canada. It could also be going to Louisiana where some people are still speaking French :).