Nokia launched the world’s first cloud-based 5G network

Large steps forward in the networking industry is nothing new for Nokia. The Finns announced that they successfully launched the world’s first cloud-based 5G network. Nokia said that the network is live and running in one of the busiest cities in the US. The specificity of this network is Nokia’s cloud-based stations that can split traffic to the sites it is most needed. Our friends from tested a demo 5G in Croatia’s capital, and one problem of this future network is the signal coverage and quality of the connection. The cloud-based system can deal with that easily in dense areas, and what is more important, the software upgrades to the network can be rolled out faster.

Nokia was able to combine cloud-based and local processing network to improve this capacity and any service needed by the network. The centralized unit is virtual and working in the cloud, while the distribution unit can be cloud-based non-real-time, and then latency insensitive, or physical real-time but then sensitive to latency. Anyway, Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN solution, which is a flexible mix of local and cloud-based processing, is great for combining the performance, scalability, and efficiency of the network.

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