Most affordable 4G feature phone Nokia 215 (2020) visits TENAA before official launch (TA-1278)

New Nokia 215

Sometime ago we received press images of three new Nokia 4G feature phones that Nokia Mobile is preparing to soon launch. The feature phones were identified in the material as Nokia 215 (2020), Nokia 225 (2020) and Nokia Leo. The most affordable one in the group, that also lacks the back camera to offset the 4G price hike, passed TENAA certification in China where images of the device were revealed.

Nokia TA-1278 was certified by TENAA and as can be seen from the images posted by the Chinese agency, the device closely resembles the Nokia 215 (2020) we saw in press images published 2 weeks ago. TENAA also confirmed the device supports 4G and we see the lack of the rear camera on TENAA images as well.

That means it is safe to assume that the launch of the new Nokia 215 is getting near. Hopefully we will see more exciting feature phones and smartphones as well.