HMD Global is the 10th most loved brand in the Middle East and Africa, says Talkwalker

The social listening and analytics company, Talkwalker, issued a new report named “Brand Love Story 2020”. As the title of the report reads, it is all about the most loved brands both globally and regionally, though the prime focus is at the global level. It also reveals strategies and key actionable tidbits for the companies to make their brand as one of the most loved in the public eye.

As per the report, the title of the world’s most loved brand goes to Lego, a company mostly known for its construction toys. Even though smartphones or other tech devices consume a sizable chunk of our time and it is also a thing that people are most hyped up for, but only about 4% of the most loved brands are from the technology and the software industry. That being said, people love the Fashion & Beauty and Food brands more than the brands from the other industries, since these brands constitute about 32% of the most loved brands list.

Although none of the mobile phone brands made it to the Global Top 50 list, HMD Global found its place in the Top 10 of the Middle East and Africa regional list of most loved brands alongside the likes of Etihad Airways, Four Seasons, Hyatt Hotels, TikTok, and Qatar Airways. HMD Global was given a score that placed it at the 10th place.

Responding to the same, HMD Global’s newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Stephen Taylor, said,

“We are so thrilled that HMD Global has been recognized as one of the MEA’s most loved brands, joining regional favorites such as Etihad Airways, Four Seasons, and Hyatt Hotels. At the core of our business is the simple idea that mobile technology can improve everyone’s lives, and it should be accessible to all. Knowing that our fans appreciate this, it drives us to continue to keep delivering great phones that serve the customer’s needs. Our commitment is to continue to deliver phones that keep getting better. I think to do this in a very human way results in the love of the brand that this survey demonstrates and has been seen in the warm reception we have seen since coming to market in 2016.”

Among the companies from the same domain as HMD Global’s, Samsung made it to the Top 10 of Latin America regional list.

Talkwalker says that there’s not a single method to attract masses to the brands, but to do that it requires the combination of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sponsorship, Nostalgia, Customer Experience, Trend Engagement, Social Media Presence, Engaging Fandoms, etc.

We can safely say that Nokia in its time, was able to achieve almost all of it. Now HMD Global is the one responsible for carrying ahead the legacy of the Nokia brand in the mobile phone industry, and they still have to cover some of the things, if not a lot, to get back the same amount of trust that people showed on Nokia years ago.

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Check the full report and its methodology here.