Micro review of Terrapin Accessories Flip Covers for the Nokia 8 and Nokia 6

For two weeks I’ve been using Terrapin Accessories Flip Covers for the Nokia 8 and Nokia 6. Before I go any further, I must say I am not fond of disguising my phones with masks of any kind, since one of the important criteria when I’m buying a phone is its looks. But, many people like their phones to look great and keep it protected from accidental falls so they choose to put a cover on it.

Let me start with the Flip Cover for the Nokia 8.

This device is beautifully crafted, with thin sides and it feels nicely in hand. And so is its flip cover. It is made from leather, and in double layer so you have that premium feel inside and outside of the cover. The finish is classic, a bit mate and it is thawed on the edges. It does feel and look high quality. This cover is also a wallet and because of that it makes your Nokia 8 look like a brick, and the feeling is the same while you are using the phone. But, there are some good things about it. Inside the cover there are four pockets for placing various credit or other type of cards or things, and below there is a larger pocket for money. You can fit larger banknote inside, so you don’t need to bend it. But, with four cards and money stacked inside, it will make your phone even fatter, and the cover is always raised from the screen, so it doesn’t look so nice. I would recommend putting just two cards (ID and credit card) and some money only when you are not taking your purse or wallet.


Another great thing about this cover is that you can use it as a view stand to present your videos or photos to someone. The flip cover is held locked with a magnet which has enough power to hold it unopened while you are carrying your phone in a purse or bag, and it is easy to open it with one hand.

The phone fits perfectly inside the silicone case, and cut offs are done nicely so they won’t block microphones, loudspeaker and cameras. The side buttons are nicely raised, and you can easily find them by feel. I performed a crash test and this cover will protect the 8 nicely.

So, if you are into flip covers that will serve as wallet, this one is definitely a go. If you just want to protect the aluminium unibody from falls, then rather go for silicon cases that are also available at the Terrapin Accessories web store. This genuine leather wallet flip cover will cost you £14.25 (€16).


The flip case for Nokia 6 is a bit different than the one I got for the 8. It is much thinner and looks more like the official low-profile flip cover CP-301. This one is made from high quality Polyurethane (PU) leather, in two layers which are thawed on the edges. On the outside it has the nice Carbon fibre texture which looks modern. Inside the flip cover you have two pockets for standard size credit cards. Pockets are deep, so the cards don’t stick out much and damage the screen that way (if that is even possible). This cover can also serve as a view stand since half of its back side folds. It will take a few twists to work that PU leather, so it is easier in future to use it as a stand. When you are using your phone for calls, the front cover folds nicely all the way at the back, so the phone doesn’t feel bulky too much as it is in the case with Nokia 8 leather cover.

Inner casing is made of silicone and it fits the phone perfectly. The openings are done pretty much perfect (the loud speaker cut off is a few millimetres off to the right). The buttons are not raised much, and I find rather difficult to find power button and often get it mistaken for the lower volume control button. But, the silicon case will protect your phone from falls well. I accidentally dropped my 6, and the case broke at the impact together with concrete, but phone remained unscratched.

After two weeks of using it, wearing it in the (man) purse or pockets, the cover still looks great. I would recommend not putting it in pockets of your trousers since there is a chance that cover won’t be fitting precisely on the screen with time, but the magnetic lock will take care of that potential problem.

This flip cover case is much thinner and will protect your phone nicely. The price of it is £9.95 (€11.20) and it is worth it.


In Europe, Terrapin Accessories sells through the Amazon delivery network to following countries: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden

They are also available on amazon US and for global delivery on https://www.casehut.com which is based in the UK.

Thanks Terrapin Accessories for the covers!